The Power Of a Simple Customer Self-Check-In App

Customer self-check-in apps are increasing in popularity all the time. Private companies, healthcare providers, educational settings and business to consumer venues are all benefitting from the capabilities of self-check-in apps.

Customer self-check-in apps are proof that new technologies don’t have to be complex to be game-changing for organisations and customer experiences alike.

For businesses they can save a lot of time, thanks to the removal of convoluted analogue processes, meaning staffing resource can be better spent.

For customers this technology can save them from large queues, trying to find members of staff, and from wondering how long they may be left standing around for. A self-check-in app can eliminate a lot of confusion and headaches.

This is true across all sectors. But, the benefits of customer self-check-in apps can extend much further than just improving customer experience and business efficiency and here we’re going to look at some of these additional benefits.

There are solutions available to fit your exact needs

Customer self-check-in apps can range from a single solution – the app is designed purely as a self-check-tool and all the functionality development is driven by that. Or, a simple self-check-in option could just be a feature of another solution designed to do many other things – such as being part of a garage management system.

Apps designed purely as self-check-in apps can be very powerful and have a range of tools to enhance the customer check-in process in a variety of complex scenarios. There are also solutions for those who don’t need much complexity and in this case rather than looking for a standalone solution, often you can find what you need as a feature within software you may primarily use for other purposes.

For example, a hospital would likely want to invest in a more complex technology and use a specialist check-in app provider, whilst a small car garage may use a garage management system (GMS) primarily to streamline the management of the diary and jobs, and they’re perfectly happy to use the basic self-check-in feature that’s built into their GMS.

Simple GMS Check-in Poster Image

The key benefits of a simple customer self-check-in app

We used the word simple in the title of this article for a reason – we don’t keep it a secret that one of the most powerful attributes of Simple GMS is our customer check-in feature.

The reasons are, it:

  1. Saves garage owners time
  2. Improves workflow and productivity
  3. Improves customer experience
  4. Keeps records up to date – customers can update any incorrect details as they check in
  5. Protects customer data
  6. Helps you harvest fresh, correct data
  7. Integrates with the rest of your garage management system

Simply put, it’s a quick, easy and cost-effective way to improve your day-to-day operation and please your customers.

Garage management customer self-check-in app

Our feature within Simple GMS allows customers to simply scan a QR code to register their arrival. It’s a smooth customer journey that can save you a lot of time.

It’s also fully GDPR compliant so we protect your data and your customers data.

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Customer self-check-in is one of our premier features but there’s a lot more available all for one simple, low price.

Find out more about the features here: Simple GMS: The Key Features and How They Help

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