Quick invoicing

Creating a quick invoice for walk in appointments


In this video, I will be showing you how to use quick invoicing.

Quick invoicing is helpful for when you have walk in appointments.

To create a quick invoice, first, go to create quick invoice.

This then brings up a job sheet that you need to complete.

First, put in your customers vehicle registration, then click find vehicle.

This will bring up the vehicle information and, any customer records that are associated with that vehicle.

If there are no associated customers, you have 2 options.

If you know you have records of this customer in your system, you can click find existing customer.

This then brings up a search box, where you can search for a customer via last name or phone number.

If this is a new customer, click the create new customer button.

This brings up a form where you can enter the customers details.

Once this is complete, you then need to enter the job sheet information.

The first section is job template.

Here you can select what job the customer needs.

Job templates are helpful for frequent jobs such as services and MOT’s.

However, this part is optional in case it is not a standard job.

If you do not select a template, then you will need to fill in the fields manually.

If you do select a job template, the rest of the fields will fill out automatically.

Including the line items.

Once this is completed, click on the create invoice and job button to generate your invoice.

You can send the invoice to the customer via email or text.

Or you can print the invoice to give to the customer.