Custom Reminder Templates

How to create and update a custom reminder template


In this video I will be showing you how to create custom reminder templates.

First, click on reminders, custom templates.

Here is where you can create new reminders and view ones already created.

To create a new reminder, click add template.

First, you need to enter the template details.

Enter the name of the template and a description.

Then set the reminder days, this is how long the wait until its ready to send.

Next, you can change the notification settings.

You then have 5 different notification settings.

The default is set to send the reminder via text, but if no phone number is available, it will then send an email.

Then the other 4 options are, send an email and if no email is provided it will then send a text, send both an email and text, text only and email only.

Once this has been completed, you a ready to create the reminder content.

You first need to select select a message option then, create new message template.

The box of the left is for SMS text and the boxes on the right are for email.

Enter the message you would like to send to your customers.

To save, click create template.

Here you can see the template you created.

To edit this, click the pen and paper icon on the right.

This brings you back to the creation page where you can make any changes.

To save, click update template.

For the reminder to be linked to a booking, it needs to first be linked to a job sheet template.

To get to job sheet templates, click config in the bottom left corner.

Then, manage job sheet templates.

To find out how to create a new job sheet template, please go to

To add the reminder, click the add button.

Then, click the drop-down menu and select the reminder you just created.

To save, click update

For the reminder to send, it must be linked to a job sheet.

First, create a job sheet by click the button here.

Then, enter the vehicle registration and click on the related customer.

Next, select the job sheet template.

Here you can see the reminder.

It shows the reminder due date and what reminder will be sent.

Once you have created the job sheet, you can view all reminders by clicking the reminders view button.

Once the reminder is due, it will send a text, email or both, depending on what your settings are.