Create a new job sheet

Creating a a job sheet for a new customer into your calendar


In this video I will be showing you how to create a new job sheet in the calendar.

This will be useful when you receive a phone order, rather than the customer booking online.

First, click on the view calendar link.

Then, click on the create new job sheet button.

This is the new job sheet form.

First, put in your customers vehicle registration, then click find vehicle.

This will then bring up the vehicle information and, any customer records that are associated with that vehicle.

If there are no associated customers, you have 2 options.

If you know you have records of this customer in your system, you can click find existing customer.

This then brings up a search box, where you can search for a customer via last name or phone number.

If this is a new customer, click the create new customer button.

This brings up a form where you can enter the customers details.

Once this is complete, you then need to enter the job sheet information.

The first section is job template.

Here you can select what job the customer needs.

Job templates are helpful for frequent jobs such as services and MOT’s.

However, this part is optional in case it is not a standard job.

If you do select a job template, the rest of the fields will fill out automatically.

If you do not select a template, then you will need to fill in the fields manually.

First, you’ll need to enter the job name.

Next is estimated duration time.

This is how long you predict the job will take.

For a service, let’s put in 45 minutes.

You can then add any job notes you may need.

Then you have your line items.

This is what is used to generate invoices so the information in this section needs to be accurate.

This includes the description of the job, the quantity, the net price, price including VAT and the tax rate as appropriate.

If the customer is having more than one job done you can add more lines by clicking the add new line item.

Once completed click create job sheet and select time slot.

This will then bring up the timetable where you can select the date, time of the job and which bay you’re assigning it too.

Once you have selected your slot, click the save button.

Here you can now see the job has been created.