For Micheldever Customers

Simple GMS for MTS Customers and TyreClick Dealers

Simple GMS slide deck

Slide deck providing an overview of Simple GMS's functionality.

Sample Simple GMS check-in poster

Sample check-in poster. Do not print and put on the wall!

Simple GMS one pager

One page (double-sided) overview of Simple GMS and its features and benefits.

Simple GMS data factsheet

Frequently asked questions about the data held within Simple GMS, security and GDPR.

Tyre Health Check

Tutorial on how to create and edit a tyre health check.

Customer check in app

Tutorial on how your customer check in app works.

Quick invoicing

Tutorial on how to create a quick invoice.

Adding jobs into the calendar

Tutorial on how to add and edit jobs in the calendar.

Operating hours

How to update your operating hours in your admin.

End of day report

A guide through the end of day report.

Customer Data Export

Tutorial on how to export your customer data.

Export Invoices

Tutorial on how to export your invoices.