Connecting Simple GMS with your existing website.

Absolutely, yes! Simple GMS and TyreClick are both systems built by Silkmoth. While they are separate services they do talk to each other. Contact our support team to get set up.

Absolutely, yes! Simple GMS and websites and e-shops are all built by Silkmoth. Contact our support team to we'll get your systems connected.

We have a javascript calendar widget that can offer date and time selection based on the availability in your Simple GMS calendar. Adding it to your website will require some technical ability so if you need help contact us.

To get started you'll need an API Key. Log in to your Simple GMS and go to the Config section. In there you will find your API Key and the documentation you need.


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Simple GMS can export your invoice and customer data to Sage, Xero and QuickBooks.

Invoice Export