Managing customer data and automated communications.

If you want to you can run Simple GMS without any customer data. However, we would recommend to get the full benefit of the service you at least capture your customer's name, mobile phone number and email address if they have one.

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Yes, Simple GMS has been built from the ground-up with privacy and data security in mind. We recommend you make the self-service check-in application available to your customers. Customers can then manage and update their communication preferences whenever they visit you.

Of course, Simple GMS allows you to import your customers from a CSV file. If you get stuck please contact our support team and they'll be happy to help.

Yes, you can export all of your customer data.  We have templates set up for typical export uses (email marketing, telephone list etc.) but you can export what you like, however you like.

We would remind you that if you are exporting a list of customer data, you are mindful of your obligations under the GDPR regulations.