Data FAQs

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What customer data is held by Simple GMS?

When used to its full capability Simple GMS stores the following personal data:

  • Customer title, first name and surname
  • Customer address and, potentially, the customer’s work address (as a vehicle delivery address)
  • Email address and contact telephone number

The service also stores details of the vehicles that a customer has connections with together with all jobs carried out including their dates. This should be treated as personal data.

Where is the data held?

Silkmoth are a Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Partner. All of our services, including Simple GMS, and TyreClick are hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Azure is a robust, reliable and secure platform hosting data and applications for the largest companies in the world.

In accordance with the EU GDPR regulations, that the UK are still aligned with, all of the data stored by Simple GMS is held within the EU at Microsoft’s West and North Europe data centres. If the UK Government change the legislation then the way in which it is stored and managed will be changed accordingly.

Microsoft azure data centres
Microsoft Azure Data Centres

Is the data secure?

The Simple GMS application runs in your web browser and connects to our servers in the Azure Cloud. All data that is captured and transmitted, up and down, is encrypted. You can check that your connection is secure by clicking the padlock in your browser.

Simple GMS Connection Security
Simple GMS Connection Security

The Simple GMS service, like most websites, uses cookies. These are small pieces of information that we store on your computer. They contain no personal information or customer data and are simply used by us to make the service work and to monitor its performance.

We do recommend that you keep your browser updated with the latest security and feature updates.

Can my data be accessed by third parties?


The security measures built within the system prevent access to a dealer’s customer data by anyone but the dealer and the Silkmoth team. Silkmoth will only access the data to provide support to the dealer. Silkmoth will not share any dealer data without a dealer’s consent and not without a Data Processing Agreement being in place.

Can this data be exported?

Yes, dealers can export their customer data as well as their financial data. When exporting data, dealers must confirm that they are taking appropriate measures to ensure the security of the data.

Can I market to my customer list?

Simple GMS can help you send reminders to customers for MOTs and to carry out work identified during a vehicle or tyre health check. These are vehicle safety messages and not deemed to be marketing messages. Similarly, Simple GMS can also send status notifications about work in-progress or completed as well as sending customer invoices. These messages are transactional and, again, not deemed to be marketing messages.

You can export your customer information to upload to a marketing package such as MailChimp or pass on to an agency. It is important that when using the information in this way that your customer consents are up to date. Fortunately, Simple GMS can look after this for you. By using our check-in app, customers are asked to re-confirm their communication preferences each time they visit. When you export the customer data these preferences can also be exported allowing you to ensure that you only send marketing communications to those customers who have opted-in.

How do I handle a Data Subject Access requests?

Under GDPR every citizen has the right to request access to their personal data, request any incorrect information is corrected and to request deletion of their data. Silkmoth’s support team will assist you, at no cost, with any such requests relating to your Simple GMS service. GDPR requires responses to subject access requests within one calendar month. Silkmoth’s team will endeavour to respond within five working days. Please ensure that before you submit a customer’s data subject access request to Silkmoth, you have thoroughly checked and verified their identity.