The Key Benefits of Using a Garage Management System

Is a Garage Management System right for your business? Desktop Image
Is a Garage Management System right for your business? Mobile Image

The benefits of using a garage management system (GMS) span the entire garage operation. From customer service to data security, managing the financials, the inventory, your jobs and more, even the simplest of garage management systems can transform how you manage your business in a positive way across the board.

The best part – they’re not difficult to implement or use. Even if you’re considering a garage management system for the first time, changing how you’ve always done things doesn’t need to be a disruptive change. And it’s a change that will make life better and much easier.

Here we’re going to look at the key benefits. Use this to understand the impact implementing a new garage management system could have on your garage and whether you want to take that step forward. Some of these benefits will resonate in different ways with different types of garages and garage owners, that’s fine. Consider which would benefit you the most. When you get a new garage management system it’s a case of simply handpicking and using the features and correlated benefits that matter the most to you. Here’s a look at the benefits you can get from a new garage management system.

Simplify your life

Ultimately, a garage management system should make managing your diary easier. That’s usually the most powerful benefit for the typical garage owner. That means moving away from paper diaries to an actual system.

With a GMS system you can also access the information you need when you need it. Vehicle details, MOT information and customer information is all there in front of you with the click of a button.

Save time!

A garage management system will increase your efficiency. Allow customers to book online, have the system manage your calendar – even as far as allocating bays for jobs and blocking out the required time. No double bookings or confusion.

Some garage management systems even come with customer self-check-in functionality, so you’re not constantly being dragged away from vehicles mid-job to welcome the next arrival.

Improved customer experience

All these advantages of automating the customer experience don’t just save you time, they save the customer time too. A GMS system massively improves customer experience.

This isn’t just prior to their appointment, it’s throughout. With garage management systems you can keep customers updated automatically via text message and email so that they’re not always calling checking on the status of the job. They will know when their vehicle is ready, and when the job’s done you can even send and manage your invoicing on your garage management system.

More repeat custom

No matter how busy you may be, you want to make sure that customers keep coming back and that they give you great word of mouth. Happy customers will do just that.

With a garage management system you can also go a step further to make sure they return. You can send appointment reminders, service due reminders, MOT reminders etc. to make it easy for them to rebook regularly.

Protects revenue

Avoid ‘no shows.’ You can also send appointment reminders once a customer has booked in. Simply use your GMS system to send them reminders via text message or email on the run up to their appointment.

Closer management of financials

A GMS comes with its own invoicing and billing capabilities and it can integrate with most major accountancy software platforms. You can run reports too to see exactly where things are up to financially, whether that’s tracking projections or using it to chase unpaid invoices.

Improve teamwork

Make life easier for your team too, from the mechanics and fitters to reception. Everyone can use the system to coordinate tasks together and manage their individual workloads.

Remove data protection concerns

Garage management systems often include built-in security measures to safeguard sensitive customer and business data. Features like user access controls, data encryption, and regular backups ensure that you fulfil your legal obligations and protect both your business’ reputation and your customers’ personal information.

Which benefits of a garage management system matter most to you?

To simplify all this we can conclude with: a garage management system will save you time, make your life easier, allow you to make more money, create happy customers and streamline your entire operation.

And this doesn’t have to be expensive…

Introducing Simple GMS

Simple GMS is exactly how it sounds – simple! It’s a basic, cost-effective solution complete with all the benefits we’ve highlighted here. Check out our pricing here!

Then go ahead and book your free, no obligation demonstration now and see how we could help you transform your operations for the better.

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