How Garage Management Systems Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Is a Garage Management System right for your business? Mobile Image

How a garage management system improves customer satisfaction largely comes down to its features, and how you use them. Ultimately, modern-day customers want dealing with businesses to be as hassle free as possible. That means it’s important for you as a garage owner to remove as much friction from the process of dealing with you as possible. Simply, you need to provide an easy-to-access and use service.

A garage management system can help you to achieve this in a variety of ways which we will look at here.

Online Bookings

Customers generally don’t like having to call businesses as much as you and your staff don’t like stopping tasks to constantly answer calls.

Online bookings make life easier for both parties. Customers can look online, check your availability and book. You don’t need to do anything. Your GMS system can manage your entire calendar and even allocate bays to jobs.

Automated Current Reminders

Use your GMS to send customers appointment reminders via text or email to help them keep to schedule. This also helps to reduce wait times for other customers improving convenience all-round.

Automated Future Reminders

Help customers maintain their vehicle so that it remains legal and safe. Use your GMS to send automated MOT, service and maintenance reminders when required to each customer. Help customers stay on top of essential regular requirements whilst of course establishing repeat revenue for you.

Simple, Fuss-Free Communication

Effective communication is central to improving customer satisfaction. A garage management system facilitates this in spades, as we’re outlining here. Make it easy for customers, let them know what’s happening at all times throughout the job without them having to contact you. Customers that you leave in the dark can become frustrated leading to buyer anxiety and a lack of trust.

Send automated updates on the status of repairs, estimated completion times, and any additional work required. This transparency builds trust and keeps customers informed throughout the process.


Providing a customer self-check-in option with the help of your garage management system makes you look modern, professional and trustworthy. Of course, it also makes arriving much easier for customers. No customer wants to hang around awkwardly outside waiting for a mechanic to put their tools down and bother to welcome them. Let them take care of their arrival themselves and then get on with their day. It’s less disruption for you too!

Personalise The Experience

A garage management system naturally collects customer data, vehicle information and appointment history. Take a huge step forward against the competition by providing a personalised welcome and ongoing service level. Customers will really appreciate this unexpected standard of service and they will remember it.

Improved Workflow

This vehicle information is great for mechanics too. Being able to find a vital piece of information from the garage management system may mean they can avoid contacting the customer, leading to a faster, more convenient service.


To complete an all-round positive customer experience, use your GMS to send customers their invoice and give them a convenient way to pay online.

It’s All Possible With Simple GMS

Let’s not forget that all these customer benefits result in substantial benefits for you too. Happy customers come back. And happy customers refer you to others. Using a garage management system to improve customer satisfaction will increase your revenue and protect existing revenue.

It’s not all about the money though, all the features of a garage management system are primarily designed to make your life easier to save you time and hassle.

At Simple GMS we make all this possible quickly for a simple, low price.

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