How a GMS Allows You to Eliminate Paper Diaries

Eradicating the paper diary from the garage’s office can often be the main consideration of a garage owner when it comes to contemplating the introduction of a garage management system (GMS).

The general purpose of a GMS is therefore to digitise the operation and make it much more efficient, organised and easy to manage.

When you start to use a digital booking system you can:

  • Save a lot of time – let customers book themselves online and the system manage availability and slots
  • Eliminate a lot of confusion – no trying to read other people’s writing or cram information into limited space!
  • Improve the customer experience leading to more referrals
  • Increase efficiency – allowing you to take on and easily manage more bookings

There’s a lot of other features and benefits too…

Accessing information

A digital system allows for faster and more efficient organisation of information. It can sort, search, and filter data much quicker than manually flipping through pages of a traditional paper diary.

Remote working

You can access your GMS from anywhere where you have a device and an internet connection. This gives you more flexibility and prevents time wasted having to travel to the garage to look through a paper diary. You can also have someone manage the system from home or anywhere else convenient.

Information security

You can’t lose your GMS system or your data. What happens if someone misplaces the paper diary or it gets damaged in an accident?

Less manual work

We’ve mentioned the online booking capability that will come with a garage management system, and it can do a lot more too. Automate tasks, send reminders for upcoming appointments, and generate rebookings with automated reminders when future work is due.


A garage management system can integrate with other software, like your accounting software or ordering systems.

Workforce speed

Find customer and vehicle information as soon as you need it during a job. No need to flick through a paper diary with no idea where the information will be or if it will be there at all. No need to call the customer to find out information you should already have. Just quickly search the system.

Customer updates

Update customers via the system using its SMS or email functionality and let them know when their vehicle is ready for collection. Send them their invoice via the system too. Much easier for you and them.


An overlooked benefit can be sustainability. Using less paper will make your operation more environmentally friendly which is an important consideration for all businesses.


A GMS can facilitate growth and then grow with you, whether that’s at one site or multiple locations.

A GMS not only makes life easier, there’s so many business benefits to look forward to too.

About Simple GMS

Implementing a new garage management system doesn’t need to be expensive at the outset, and it will likely prove more cost effective in the long run. Not to mention the value that comes with such significant increases in efficiency and productivity.

We’ve designed Simple GMS to be just that – simple. Only the features that you will need, easy to implement, and at a low cost.

Book your free, no obligation demonstration now to find out how we do it and how Simple GMS could help you.

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