7 Ways a Garage Management System Can Increase Your Profits

It's not always the main thing that's thought of when a garage looks for a new management system, but it's definitely worth knowing about! Who doesn't want a way to increase profits almost by default?

Generally, the reason most garages do implement a new garage management system (GMS) is to free them from the headaches associated with paper diaries and to make the day-to-day management easier. A GMS helps to streamline everything. Of course, this naturally helps to increase productivity, and with that comes an opportunity to increase profitability, in a range of ways.

Here we will look how a garage management system can help you achieve this.

Planning each job

A GMS can manage and allocate resource – such as the work bays for each job and scheduling everything ahead of time. This frees up more time for the workforce to spend on other activities. This increases productivity and value which in turn leads to opportunities to maximise profits.

Online bookings

Simple GMS Calendar Image

Customers can book online with a garage management system making it easy for them to book with you over competitors. Removing that friction in today’s digital world can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Also, as with most features of a garage management system, this saves you and your team time. Time saved can lead to increased productivity which invariably leads to higher profitability.


Garage management systems can generate new business without you needing to do a thing. They send automated reminders when customers are next due MOTs, services, and maintenance work. They can then re-book in with you simply by using the online booking system.

Word of mouth

A garage management system makes the customer experience much more free flowing, professional, and satisfying. When people have a good experience they’re much more likely to refer you to friends and acquaintances. Give them the experience that they want and let them do the selling in the community for you!

Inventory management

You can use a garage management system as a centralised platform for tracking and managing parts and supplies. Through features like automated reordering, real-time inventory tracking, and detailed reporting, you can reduce excess stock, make sure you always have essential stock, and make your life easier. Make sure you have what you need when you need it to increase sales and speed up jobs.

Accurate reporting/data

You can use a garage management system’s reporting functions to:

  • Keep track of customer data and vehicle history to save time during jobs
  • Manage your financials – track revenue, expenses, profitability and more, fast
  • Monitor KPIs – such as workforce efficiency, job completion times, customer satisfaction rates, quiet and busy periods, and overall performance. This can help you make better business decisions

All of these points save you time, improve overall efficiency of the operation, and therefore all impact your opportunity to become more profitable.


Simple GMS Invoice Image

You can use a garage management system to manage invoicing. Send them on time using the system, manage payments, and recognise and deal with late/missed payments.

You can’t become more profitable without being paid, so it’s important to manage the finances with a fine-tooth comb – let a garage management system help you with this.

Introducing Simple GMS

Increase your profitability, save time, and make running your business much easier with a simple garage management system.

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