Manage your daily/weekly schedule with ease and import incoming bookings from your external websites automatically.

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Calendar widget

Seamless Integration

Import your external bookings automatically.

Simple GMS has an easy-to-use calendar widget to enable automatic importing of bookings from your existing website(s) by showing available time slots.

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Setup our calendar widget

Add our calendar widget script to your existing website with the correct installation details (our support team can assist you with this).

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Customer makes an order

A customer chooses an available time slot based on their selected item(s) and completes their order. The widget takes into account the order's estimated completion time when showing available time slots.

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Simple GMS handles the booking

The booking is then imported into Simple GMS with the selected time slot and allocated to a bay - the time slot will then be blocked for subsequent bookings as the slot is in use.


Tailor the calendar to your needs

You can customise the Simple GMS calendar and widget to suit your requirements.

Calendar settings

Job sheet "templates" with colour/time options for recurring job types

Inform customers via SMS of any time slot reschedule

SMS "From" display name shown to customers

Minimum job sheet time duration

Widget settings

Colour theming options to match your existing website

Exclude specific days/time slots (e.g. bank holidays)

Determine the number of weeks to display in the widget

Different language support